About Tansian University


The involvement of the motivator, Very. Reverend Monsignor John Bosco Akam, in running educational institutions dates back to 1977 when he was appointed a lecturer to teach and develop Catholic priests. He taught in various seminaries in Nigeria and overseas including All Hallows Seminary, Onitsha, St. Paul’s Seminary, Louvain-la-Neuve Belguim, Bigard Memorial Seminary, Ikot-Ekpene (now St. Joseph’s) and Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu. He was to add to his teaching experience cognate administrative experience when he was appointed the ‘Rector Magnificus’ of Bigard Memorial Seminary, which is the biggest seminary in the world and affiliated to the Urban University, Rome for the award of degrees in Theology and Philosophy. While performing the functions of the Rector and during his several travels overseas, his conviction and appreciation of the cardinal role of higher education as a catalyst for national development heightened and he resolved to contribute his due quota in the regard whenever the opportunity presented itself.

He, however, began founding educational institutions in 1989 with the establishment of the first school, Our Lady of Waldenstein at Uga. Since then, the Konigin Des Friedens Colleges at Uga, Anambra State and Enugu and the Voice of the Poor Foundation, Uga, were established with a vision, desire and zeal to make education available and affordable to as well as applicable in the lives of any people including the indigent and handicapped.

In a bid to actualize the dream of providing increased access to University education to the teeming Nigerian youths, the idea of the Tansian University was conceived. In 2002, he invited a group of professors from neighbouring universities to advise him on the prospects of founding a University in the south-east geo-political zone of Nigeria.

In 2007, the Federal Government granted him license to open and run a private university, TANSIAN UNIVERSITY.

The vision of the Tansian University is: “to be a dynamic academic institution, which epitomizes the noble traditions of sound, high quality education properly blended with moral rectitude that offers relevant academic programmes for the production of globally competitive graduates imbued with love of universal truth for the benefit of the society”.

In line with the vision of the University, the mission will be “to continually pursue excellence, efficiency and effectiveness in teaching, learning and research towards the production of high quality, knowledgeable and skillful graduates that would be relevant in the work place as well as resolve societal problems thereby impacting on national development”.

Tansian University is founded on the philosophy that all knowledge originates from God and that knowledge is power. Consequently, nothing should hinder the dissemination of knowledge to individuals. It therefore intends to serve Nigeria in particular and mankind in general as a higher institution that intellectually stimulating for the advancement of knowledge and truth. The TANU philosophy is based on the belief in sound human development through qualitative education and good morals.

In order to achieve excellence, the university will promote the highest standards of teaching, research and community service whilst providing a balanced education for the acquisition of knowledge, practical skills and moral rectitude.

i. To complement Government efforts by providing facilities for learning and to give holistic instruction and training in such branches of knowledge as the University may desire to foster, and in doing so, to enable the students obtain the advantages of a morally based liberal education, open to all, irrespective of nationality, ethnic derivation, social status, sex, religious or political persuasion;
ii. To promote, through research and other morally acceptable means, the advancement of knowledge and its functional application to social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological problems oriented towards development, peace and human progress;
iii. To create employment opportunity in Nigeria through attraction, retention and development of top quality core faculty (academic staff) that is committed to true scholarship as well as competent and skillful non-teaching staff.

The name of the University is Tansian University. This name was given to the University by the Proprietor, The Missionary Servants of the Church (now Sons of Blessed Iwene Tansi) in memory of the Blessed Iwene Tansi who is a role model and the first Nigerian religious priest to be elevated to the status of “Blessed” by the Universal Church. The gesture is to honour and immortalize him as his life and will stand as source of inspiration to both staff and students of the University.

The open book on top of the logo represents the channel through which knowledge comes; the seed ground for human knowledge. The monstrance at the center of the logo represents the incarnate Son of God – Jesus Christ – who brought salvation to the whole world. At the center, He gives life, protection, guidance and illumination to the University to all that come in contact with the University. Christ, therefore, is the center of what Tansian University is and does. At the base of the logo is the motto of the university that summarizes the entire content of the logo.

The motto of the Tansian University is “Scientia potestas et virtus” meaning “knowledge is Power and Virtue”. “Power” here is understood in the context of having good and right disposition of the mind to do that which is good and avoid evil. Thus, motto of the university means that knowledge enables one to develop the good and right disposition of mind to live a virtuous life, that is, to spontaneously do that which is good and avoid evil at all times and everywhere.

Tansian University colours are: blue, white, and red. The colours for hood are: green for the College of Natural and Applied Science and pink for the College of Management and Social Sciences. Hood colours for the remaining two colleges are: purple for the College of Engineering and Technology and gold for the College of Health Sciences. White as one of the Tansian University colours “represents peace, purity…or innocence. A simple white flag represent surrender.” The University seeks to create a community of peace where dedicated learning purifies the mind to be innocent of the vices and corruption of society. It is in surrender to the virtues of peace, dedicated learning and purity of life that mind is truly liberated.

The Blue Colour often “represents freedom, vigilance, perseverance, justice, prosperity, peace, and patriotism.” The pursuit of learning in the Tansian mission is targeted on the efficient production of graduates who having imbibed the virtues of freedom, vigilance, perseverance, justice, prosperity, peace and patriotism are equipped to complete globally.

The Red “often represent courage, revolution, hardiness, blood and valour”. From the perspective of the Christian Faith which is foundational to Tansian University, the red colour symbolizes crucifixion of self for devotion to duty in uprightness. It also symbolizes martyrdom which is part of the Christian call to die for one’s faith rather than deny it. In the Tansian vision, self-denial and devotion to duty are permanent.

The Green Colour hood for College of Natural and Applied Sciences symbolizes “the earth agriculture, fertility and productivity”. Natural science is about the earth and how to explore and exploit its vast resources for production in order to avoid infertility.

The Pink Colour is for the College of Management and Social Science. The pink colour is a mixture of red and white. Pink combines what the white and red colours symbolize. That is: peace, innocence and surrender for white and revolution, hardiness, blood and valour for red. Both colours combine to say that there is no true peace without revolution. The Puritan Philosophy of the American founding fathers is pain before pleasure, self crucifixion and surrender for inner purity, labour and sweat before gain and pleasure.

Purple is the colour for the hood of the College of Engineering and Technology. Purple is a mixture of red and blue. A prince is said to be born to the purple. It symbolizes high rank and nobility. However, uneasy is the head that wears the crown. Purple being a mixture of red and blue combines the virtues of freedom, vigilance, perseverance, justice, prosperity, peace and patriotism with what symbolizes the red colour: courage, revolution, hardiness, blood and valour. Therefore, the hood of this College symbolizes nobility which must be attained by sweat and sometimes by blood.

Gold is the colour of the College of Health Sciences. The Gold Colour is bright yellow and “often represents the Sun, wealth and justice”. The hood of this College is symbolized by affluence but requires justice for all and care for the poor. The Sun stands out among stars, but it is at the service of all humanity, the hood of the College of Health Science symbolizes wealth and distinction for the service of all.